Partner Profiles

Andrew Whelan – Partner
BSc Management (HRM), Cdip AF

Andrew has over twenty five years’ experience in a range of management and sales support roles, and has a degree in Management and HR from Dublin Institute of Technology.He has particular strengths in the areas of financial management, business development and human resource management, with over 17 years professional experience in the Financial Services Industry, and more recently spending 8 years as managing director of Ireland’s leading commercial vehicle parts distributor.

Andrew is able to combine his own experiences of growing and developing businesses along with his professional training to deliver meaningful and practical advice, helping business owners achieve their goals through the development and implementation of business strategies to build sustainable competitive advantage, establish strong financial performance and create value in their business asset.

He has a ‘make it happen’ approach to all aspects of a client project from planning to final implementation.

Andrew is a co-founder of HR Compass, his aim to assist business owners with the benefit of his experience by providing a full range of business consulting, human resources, coaching and mentoring services.

Jane Whelan – Partner
BSc Management (HRM), MCIPD

Jane has over 16 years experience working in Human Resource Management and has been providing HR and Management Consultancy services for over twelve years, working with a broad range of clients in both the public and private sectors.Much of her work is focused on providing organisations with the information and support they need to be compliant in all aspects of Human Resource policies and procedures. She also specialises in the development and delivery of training in the areas of employment law and leadership development, with an emphasis on providing practical information and skills.

Prior to starting her own consultancy company in 2006, Jane worked as a Senior HR Consultant for Graphite HRM (now part of Peninsula Business Services) for five years, and has continued to provide consultancy services to Graphite HRM over the last six years.

Before moving into consultancy, Jane held Training Manager and Sales roles in multi-national corporations and was responsible for effecting positive strategic change through people development interventions.

Jane has a BSc in HR Management, a diploma in Management & Industrial Relations, a diploma in Business & Marketing, and a number of facilitator and training qualifications. She is a member of the CIPD.

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